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Compassionate care plans 
when they matter most. 

Our mission at Divinis Care is to make the end of each patient’s life comfortable, dignified, and as meaningful as possible for the patient and their family. We believe the end of life is as important as the beginning of life and should be treated with the same significance. We focus on supporting the patient and family with respect and dignity. We educate and include patients and families in the hospice process so they better understand the progression of the illness and what is happening every step of the way.

Most hospice expenses, including care, medications, and equipment are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans.


Home hospice is just what it sounds like; hospice services delivered in the comfort of your own home. Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, Home Health Aides, and volunteers care for the patient in the home setting and provide support and teaching to the family as they cope with all of the issues and emotions that are present at the end of life.

Hospice services include:

  • Comfort care for pain and symptom management

  • Ongoing support and evaluation for existing conditions

  • Patient and caregiver education about their disease progression

  • Bathing and personal hygiene

  • Spiritual support and guidance by a chaplain

  • Dietary assistance

  • Coordination of prescriptions, medical supplies, and specialized equipment

  • Safety management in the home

  • Education about self-care

  • Services like speech and physical therapy can be accessed when needed

  • If receiving hospice care at home, payment for short-term inpatient care is available when symptoms become too much to manage or when caregivers need a respite break to take care of themselves

  • Grief counseling is available and can take the form of a support group, one-on-one therapeutic counseling, spiritual counseling, phone check-in calls, and educational materials to surviving family and friends.

Hospice care can be started and then put on hold if a patient wants to try additional curative treatments or notices an improvement in their condition.

Over 60% of all patients and family members associated with a hospice patient regret not switching to hospice services sooner. ​Let us care for you when you need it most. It would be our pleasure to serve you. 

If you are researching information about hospice care, please feel free to call us at 833-Divinis or send us a message. Let us help you identify your needs and guide you in the right direction for your situation.

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