What was the Origin of COVID-19?

At Divinis, our team is dedicated to continuing our education on COVID-19 so we can keep doing our part to prevent its spread. As we all know, the past informs the future so we are sharing a compelling piece in the National Geographic about the origins of this dangerous virus. Four of the possibilities they're exploring (from most to least likely) are:

  • Direct spillover from animals to humans

  • Spillover from animals to humans through an intermediate host

  • Introduction through refrigerated or frozen foods

  • Laboratory leak

Finding out the origin and how it jumped to humans can inform epidemiologists about where to look for (and possibly prevent) future outbreaks like this.

We hope you find this as informative as we did. Remember to stay vigilant and protect your loved ones by washing your hands, wearing your mask and getting the vaccine as soon as possible.

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