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What is 'Spiritual Care' During Hospice?

“Spiritual care is not an optional extra for the dying.” - Dame Cicely Saunders

When someone reaches the end of their life, it can often lead to a myriad of existential questions about their time on earth and the reasons for death. Spiritual care during hospice aims to comfort the person's soul while other methods provide physical pain relief.

In hospice care, chaplains can provide spiritual counseling and support for the patient and family members throughout the dying process. This can include helping patients adhere to religious traditions, reading sacred texts to them, assisting them in practices like meditation, or providing emotional healing tools.

Chaplains ensure the patient never feels or dies alone. They not only supply spiritual and grief support to the patient and their loved ones throughout the dying process, but also after death. They continue to check in on families and offer comfort and advice during bereavement.

From the minute a patient enters hospice care until long after the death, spiritual healing can help immensely during the hospice and grief journey.

At Divinis, you know we take this seriously when our name means "Divine."

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