Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones During the Holidays

Figuring out how to deal with the absence of loved ones during the holiday season can be incredibly challenging. Do you talk about them too much and fear making others uncomfortable or avoid mentioning them at all and feel like you're ignoring their memory?

The answer is... there's no correct way to grieve. But, these ideas can help find the sweet spot in honoring the memories of loved ones who are no longer with us.

Hang up a stocking or put up an ornament on the tree for them.

By decorating your space with pieces that remind you of that person, you're acknowledging that they're still with you. It can be comforting to see seasonal reminders that remind you of sweet holiday memories.

Make a holiday charity donation in their honor.

There are plenty of charities who put on toy drives or do seasonal acts of kindness. Donate money to one of them or volunteer on behalf of your loved one.

Continue a holiday tradition you did with them, but add a new spin on it.

While holiday traditions you did with your loved one may be difficult to maintain, adding a new element or putting less pressure on it might make it easier.

For example: If you always got dressed up and went to a nice restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner together, maybe you call a friend, put on a cozy set of pajamas, and order in food from that restaurant instead. It honors the tradition without the formality.

Have a cozy night surrounded by people who knew your loved one and share silly & sweet memories.

Gather a group of your people who knew and loved them and laugh (or cry) about good memories together. It's cathartic and healing to not only grieve, but cherish the precious the precious times you all had together.

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