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Updates on the BA.2 Variant in Texas

According to Dr. David Winter from Baylor Scott & White, cases of the more contagious variant of Omicron, BA.2, have been on the rise in Texas.

But, while there have been more confirmed cases lately, the likelihood of hospitalization appears to be lower than the wave of Omicron during December and January. Dr. Winter believes the vaccines do seem to work against the strain.

Dr. Winter also states that most cases he's seen have been mild. When contracting a mild case of BA.2, it's important to stay home, rest, hydrate, and treat symptoms with over-the-counter cough and anti-inflammatory medications as needed.

A third booster shot has also become available for high-risk individuals and those over 50. Dr. Winter states he sees no downsides to getting this vaccine, but timing it correctly is a good idea. For example, if you are going overseas or attending crowded events, receiving the booster 2 weeks prior will result in the best protection.

You can watch the full video below from WFAA.

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