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Benefits of Nature for Hospice Patients

It's finally getting to that time of year when you can open your window to let in a cool Autumn breeze while basking in the glow of the morning sunshine.

Regardless of the state of life you're in, something everyone can agree on is the fact that nature is healing. While the goal of hospice care is not to heal the physical body or ailments, it does aim to heal parts of the soul as a person prepares for the end of life. Nature can be a wonderful tool in creating a peaceful, harmonious environment to do so in, if it's an option.

While all hospice patients may not be able to get outside for some fresh air, there are ways to bring the outdoors inside for the same benefits. For example; loved ones can open the windows for the patient, fill the room with air purifying plants, keep a fresh vase of flowers in the room, or play relaxing nature sounds.

Some of the benefits of nature include:

  • Distraction

  • Comfort

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

“Gardens reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. This leads to measurable psychological, physiological, and behavioral benefits, such as reduced anxiety, sadness, and other negative moods, lower blood pressure and improved immune functioning, and better compliance with treatment protocol.” – University of Minnesota


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