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FAQs and Resources

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How do I qualify for Hospice?

A patient qualifies for hospice if their physician determines a life expectancy of six months or less. 

We can coordinate with your physician to help you determine if you are eligible for hospice.

Do I have to leave my home to receive hospice care?

No, hospice care can take place in your home and in most medical facilities.

Once I am on hospice, can I decide to stop and try other curative treatments? 

Yes, you can discharge from hospice at any time if you feel the more curative treatment is appropriate.

Many patients and families have shared they wished they had known more about the benefits of hospice earlier in their healthcare journey.  We are happy to visit and explain the benefits of hospice and discuss your individual situation.


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Have more questions or need additional resources? Give us a call, we are here for you on your journey. 

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