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Our team makes the Divinis Difference in your care.

Divinis was started by local healthcare professionals who recognize that superior care and outstanding customer service are the cornerstones of an exceptional healthcare experience.  

Losing a loved one is never easy.  Even though some rationalize that the end of life is inevitable, the questions and uncertainty death can cause, accompanied by fear, loss, and concern for a loved one’s comfort and dignity, often creates a multitude of challenges. 

Divinis Care Hospice is there to support the patient and the family at this difficult time.  We have a team of social workers, chaplains, clinicians and caregivers who are experienced in supporting the wide-ranging needs and dynamics that can occur at the end of life.  We are locally owned and operated and understand the Dallas area, the intricacies of the healthcare market, and the variety of support resources that are available.  

The Divinis team members have thoughtfully cared for families in the Dallas area for over 30 years.  Our cohesive team has over ten years of experience working together to determine the best way to support our patients and their families.

The most important thing for our Divinis family is to take care of your family.

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