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Best Care and
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The Divinis Difference

Divinis Care Hospice gives care and brings comfort to patients and their families as a loved one is nearing the end of life. We offer compassionate support when it matters most.


Why Hospice

For most patients and families, dealing with a life-limiting illness is confusing and frightening.  Most are not prepared to address the questions and daunting emotional challenges, much less the clinical issues that the end of life presents.  Our services not only support the patient and their care and comfort, but they also provide emotional and spiritual support for the family.

At Divinis Care Hospice we specialize in educating patients and families about the end of life and support all aspects of the dying and grieving processes. 

The end of life should be every bit as significant as the beginning of life.  We help you and your family navigate this difficult time with the care and dignity it deserves.


What is Hospice?

Hospice is specialized care for individuals with life-limiting illnesses.  The goal of hospice is to make the patient comfortable and help the patient and family prepare, emotionally and spiritually, for the end of life.

A hospice team consists of:

  • A Physician

  • Nurses

  • Certified Nursing Assistants

  • Social Workers

  • Chaplains

  • Volunteers

We educate and include patients and families in the hospice process so they understand the progression of their illness and, together with the entire care team, develop a plan of care that meets their physical, emotional, and spiritual goals based on their unique situation.  Each plan of care is highly individualized.

Hospice care is primarily provided in the patient’s residence, or wherever a patient might call home, and is managed by a diverse team of healthcare professionals. 


Redefining Hospice Care

Most people think hospice care is for patients who are very close to death. Hospice is appropriate whenever a patient and family feel that the benefits of curative treatments no longer outweigh the side effects and negative impact of these remedies.  Hospice brings comfort and supportive care and allows you to live your last chapter with dignity, compassion, and peace. Hospice is not about giving up hope, it is about focusing on the quality of the life you and your loved ones deserve as life becomes more precious. 


 The Divinis Difference

Divinis was started by local healthcare professionals who recognize that superior care and outstanding customer service are the cornerstones of an exceptional healthcare experience.  

Losing a loved one is never easy.  Even though some rationalize that the end of life is inevitable, the questions and uncertainty death can cause, accompanied by fear, loss, and concern for a loved one’s comfort and dignity, often creates a multitude of challenges. 

Divinis Care Hospice is there to support the patient and the family at this difficult time.  We have a team of social workers, chaplains, clinicians, and caregivers who are experienced in supporting the wide-ranging needs and dynamics that can occur at the end of life.  We are locally owned and operated and understand the Dallas area, the intricacies of the healthcare market, and the variety of support resources that are available.  

Meet Your Divinis Team


A physician is involved in alI care decisions and is in your corner to support your healthcare goals and quality of life. Your doctor can follow your hospice care or our Medical Director can fill this role. 



Providing emotional and resource support for the patient and family during this challenging time.

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Visits based on a schedule that fits your care plan and your needs.


Helps to guide the spiritual and emotional conversations for the patient and the family.  The Chaplain is also involved in grief support throughout the hospice process and after the patient passes.

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Helping support your clinical team with personal care and hygiene assistance, housekeeping, and other needs to improve daily life and relieve some of the burden from family caregivers.

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Our volunteers are a wonderful injection of life and vitality, helping patients with a wide range of simple tasks that add companionship and joy to the patient's days.


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